Home Renovation

Home Renovation

                  What We Will Do?

  • A Complete Home Makeover.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling
  • False Ceiling, Wall Décor, and Led Panels
  • Bed, Cabinet, Furniture Design and Other Wood Work
  • Windows and Doors around the house
  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing jobs for the house

                  Why Choose Us?

  • Full Transparency In Material Rates And Labour Charges.
  • Enjoy Free Site Visit, Quote And 3d Designs Before Finalising.
  • A Dedicated Full Time Site Engineer.
  • Pre-defined payment structure with project schedule to avoid delays.

Perhaps your bath space is too tight and crowded for your family? Or the kitchen area is congested to work in? May be you are planning an extra bedroom; or would like to add a false ceiling and led panel in the living area? The best thing to do is to bring on board the RenoTech Homes – a team of professional interior designers, project managers and tradespeople with in-depth industry knowledge and long standing experience of the home renovation domain. Just like everything else, our homes need maintenance. Most of the times, homeowners prefer renovating their homes to improve the deteriorated corners or during the times of festivities or marriages. However, whatever the reason may be – families are usually skeptical about the renovation process because of the tediousness and supervision involved. Uncertain costs demands add fuel to the fire and the jobs are either handed over to the contractors & subcontractors who do not commit to the time, demand random payments, and never assure the quality of the services, the final outcome or the project deadline.