Room Renovation

Room Renovation

                What We Will Do?

  • A Complete Makeover.
  • False Ceiling, Wall Decor, and Led Panels
  • Bed, Cabinet, Furniture Design and Other Wood Work
  • Windows and Doors around the rooms.
  • HVAC, Electrical jobs for the rooms.

                  Why Choose Us?

  • Full Transparency In Material Rates And Labour Charges.
  • Enjoy Free Site Visit, Quote And 3d Designs Before Finalising.
  • A Dedicated Full Time Site Engineer.
  • Pre-defined payment structure with project schedule to avoid delays.

Your living room is one of the most important areas where you invite your friends, guests or have a small party with your family. Thus quite naturally living room is designed in a very comfortable and cosy way so that everyone can relax and enjoy even if they are watching TV. If you are planning to have a living room renovation then you would need the right people.  All you have to do is  make  call to us and book for the room renovation service. We have the best designers who would help you get the right kind of living room renovation that you have always wanted. We at RenoTech Homes offer services for designing and its implementation in your living room.  We can guarantee the best work that comes at an affordable price.

A third of your life is spent sleeping so shouldn’t your bedroom be your sanctuary? Bedrooms renovations are cost efficient and do not have to include any demolition. Transformations can come from new paint, bed linens, upgrading lighting, wallpaper, texture finishes on walls, enlarging and existing closet, and much more. If you’re considering a bedroom renovation, you should also think about upgrading your closet as it’s an essential part of your bedroom. Upgrading the closet is an excellent idea if you are considering a bedroom renovation. For a professional bedroom renovation you want to call RenoTech Homes. Let us turn your bedroom into a wonderful paradise.